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Subscrybe created a complete subscription concept from innovation to launch and grew the member base from 0 to 500 subscribers in 90 days

From innovation to execution

Myway is the first subscription concept created by Subscrybe which is a broad collaboration between our expertise areas and which demonstrates the synergy effects between our competences. The project set out to create the world’s first true personal computer subscription with the plan to innovate, execute, integrate and market the new concept to go from 0 to 500 subscribers 90 days after the launch. 

Subscription Innovation

Myway started out as any other innovation at Subscrybe. With an Innovation Sprint, we laid the bricks to what would become the world’s first personal computer subscription. With the inclusion of skilled Lead Users, we identified the main value drivers and started defining the benefits of the value offer. Afterwards, the main target group was identified to find a common understanding of who the subscription would service.

subcription innovation - concept development
Myway iPhone
subscription infrastructure using WooCommerce and Mobilepay Subscriptions

Subscription Infrastructure

After the concept was finished and the work with building the brand, the website and the subscription was ongoing, our Infrastructure team started the work with integrating WooCommerce and Mobilepay Subscriptions in order to secure the most seamless experience for Myway subscribers. The work was a collaboration between our Infrastructure team and the developers from the parent company. The project also included a way to check credit scores to ensure that all subscribers were eligible for a long-term relationship.

subscription infrastructure using WooCommerce and Mobilepay Subscriptions
subscription infrastructure model

Subscription Growth

Subscrybe’s growth team took part in the strategic planning and execution of the campaign activities. A sophisticated mix of influencer marketing, Social Media video marketing, SEO optimization and Google Adwords secured an impressive amount of impressions, quickly leading to actionable signups. You can see a video of the process below.

subscription growth model
influencer marketing iphone myway

Ready to create a subscription business?

We have 11 years of experience in innovating, running and optimizing subscription companies. With our new Growth department our value has increased significantly, and we’re able to assist you from start to finish. We believe that subscriptions are the future. Relations over transactions and recurring payments over pushing sales.

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