Subscription Publications

Our Subscription publications are for subscription companies who want to stay updated on the latest insights from the subscription industry and If you want to become a subscription expert, there is plenty of resources for you to explore.

The E-book “The Subscription Movement and How To Succeed In It” can teach you all of the introductory parts of running a subscription business. If you’re interested in industry insights, we have plenty of surveys and reports as well.

Subscription Publications

The complete guide to the subscription movement. The Subscription Movement and How To Succeed In It is a business model, which, through seven stages and 29 tangible steps, instructs the reader on how to build a subscription model from scratch. However, the business model can also be used to analyze and improve an existing subscription-based business. The book gives a thorough introduction to the model and guides the reader through all the steps.


A survey looking into the buying behaviour and subscription economy of the Nordics. Download the report and get insights to the consumption patterns of Danes and Norwegians. 

Subscription is changing retail. The way we buy and use products in the future is going to be very different from the retail stores of today. Discover the future of consumption in the Subscription Retail Report.

Get inspired and learn from the best subscription companies in the world right now. Learn how they acquire, retain and win back customers in the Subscription Case Report.


Onboarding your subscribers is one of the most important ways to spark a membership feeling and commitment with your subscribers. Learn how to get started in our onboarding guide.

Retaining customers is the number one activity in a subscription business and this is ultimately what will keep your subscription business running and the most effective way to secure revenue.

Winning back subscribers is often easier than acquiring new ones. Therefore, you need to have a strategy for how to win back old subscribers and make them love your service once again.

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