More and more subscription products are harnessing the power of AI


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By Niels Vestergaard

As ChatGPT is taking over the world, the first subscription companies are starting to take advantage of the new technology, offering new services that just a few years ago, seemed like obscure sci-fi material. And perhaps the subscription model is just the right way to sell the new products offered by AI.

A month ago, OpenAI (the creators of ChatGPT) launched ChatGPT Plus, offering prioritized access for users as the extreme interest in the platform has resulted in cues to even use it. $20 dollars to use the platform when you like and early access to new features. And with more than 100 million users of the platform, there should be some potential for a decent subscriber base.

As the AI movement rolls into the App Stores, more and more conversational chatbots are emerging, some with avatars who can become your friend, teach you something new or even help you with your homework.

In more recent news, Duolingo is introducing Duolingo MAX, a supercharged and AI-powered version of their paid subscription using GPT-4 technology to serve subscribers even better.

So, what is the outlook for AI in the subscription movement?

AI platforms are born relational, and not transactional. It’s made for subscription

At Subscrybe, we preach the move from transactional business to relational business. If you want to charge a monthly price for your product or service, you better offer value every month and make users like you. And as the oracles of AI tell us, these are not just handy tools for getting started on your essay, AI is here to change the way we work, play, and interact.

It does not surprise me that Microsoft jumped on OpenAI the moment they could and I bet they are still feeling pretty good about that presentation of Bing, with AI-powered search functions.

My guess is, it won’t be long until AI’s are included in Microsoft Office, which is one of the most frequently used subscription products in the world. It sure would be nice with some design suggestions in PowerPoint that actually look good!

So, AI’s are here to improve the platforms we already use – I’m sure Adobe will be implementing AI tools soon enough as well, offering creators even more for their monthly payment.

And although there is still a way to go with the AI chatbots, the future might hold computer-controlled assistants that actually work and get you where you want to be. Imagine an AI support chatbot that could actually answer your questions! I can think of a few companies who might want to subscribe to that.

AI’s can help us with personalization, convenience and saving time – exactly what millennials want

As we’ve mentioned before, there are three key things that consumers under 40 are looking for – more time, an easier life and a personalized experience. And this might be what AI does best. Whenever the technology is ready, I’m sure that HelloFresh will offer a technology to help you set up your perfect meal plan. Strava will give you metrics you never even thought you needed and be able to monitor your performance in all new ways.

And not to mention, developments in the B2B space might be even more incredible – I’m sure that the developments of Adobe, Microsoft, and CRM platforms like Salesforce and HubSpot will be impressive – making available new opportunities in data analysis and dialogue programs like we’ve never seen before.

So, I think that we in the subscription movement should be thanking our lucky stars and looking out for developments in the future. It might help you service your customers way better, without you having to raise the price of your subscription.