The Subscription Movement E-book

Learn how to grow your own subscription business

The Subscription Movement and How To Succeed In It

The Subscription Movement E-book is written by Morten Suhr Hansen and contains everything you need to know about the subscription movement and how to build a sustainable subscription business.

The Subscription Movement and How To Succeed In It is a business model, which, through seven stages and 29 tangible steps, instructs the reader on how to build a subscription model from scratch. However, the business model can also be used to analyze and improve an existing subscription-based business. The book gives a thorough introduction to the model and guides the reader through all the steps.

In addition, The Subscription Movement E-book contains useful and interesting inspiration. A number of articles provide deeper insight into topics such as membership models in addition to subscription-based models and why young consumers are more interested in subscriptions than other consumers. There is also an appendix, which provides insight into 50 of the world’s most successful subscription businesses. For instance, companies such as Dollar Shave Club, MoviePass, The New York Times and Strava are introduced.

The download includes a PDF-version of The Subscription Movement E-book as well as an MP3 audiobook, so you can learn on the go.

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Morten Suhr Hansen

Morten Suhr Hansen
Founder & CEO

In The Subscription Movement E-book, you will find the same model that Subscrybe uses for customer projects and if you learn how to master it, you will be able to create a succesful subscription company!

I hope you enjoy reading it, I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Let me know if you have any questions!