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Subscription Excellence

EGN is the world’s second-largest professional network organization with more than 15.000 members in 15 countries. EGN was founded in Denmark in 1992 and was characterized by sales pressure and short customer lifetime. 

This resulted in an excellence project with Subscrybe to improve customer lifetime and retention

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We helped EGN improve retention and customer lifetime value through inbound marketing

In 2018 EGN experienced a decline in their membership base but through a year-long collaboration with Subscrybe, EGN was able to turn the development around into new growth.

What we did:

  • Thorough analysis of the ‘AS-IS’ business with a focus on identifying new growth drivers
  • Development of a new business model with a focus on inbound marketing and a member-based approach with a focus on retention and Customer Lifetime Value
  • Implementation of a long range of selected efforts


In 2022, EGN had a significantly strengthened standing point than in 2018. The member base has grown by 50% and earnings have improved as the lifetime has increased. EGN is now ready to expand to new markets with their strong member-based network concept.

A Subscription Excellence project

Subscription Excellence projects specialize in optimizing existing subscription offers, to improve profitability and serve subscribers even better. Large organizations often operate in complex environments and therefore, need outside assistance to handle this complexity. This is why we have helped some of the largest subscription companies in Scandinavia.

If you’d like to find out whether you can benefit from a Subscription Excellence process, you can explore our consulting services. We have more than 10 years of experience with optimizing subscription businesses and helping large organizations find new revenue streams in the subscription movement.

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