Subscription Innovation

Scandinavia’s largest nightlife cooperation REKOM wished to attract more loyal customers by developing an attractive membership model for their guests.

This resulted in an innovation project with Subscrybe to develop a loyalty program that would drive revenue and customer lifetime value.

Rekom logo - subscription case by Subscrybe for Nightpay

We helped REKOM create a subscription-based payment solution for going out

Through an innovation project, Subscrybe and REKOM created Nightpay, a payment solution that gave members discounts and extra benefits. A membership costs 39 DKK a month and gives access to trippling your money’s worth in the bar, through the app.

What we did:

  • Create an understanding of the market and the customers as a prerequisite for the creation of a new membership concept
  • Thorough testing to create the final product and pricing
  • Development of a loyalty concept to further support the membership concept.
  • Succesful implementation incl. go-to-market plan and ambassador program


Nightpay was launched in april 2019 and was an immediate success and reached 40.000 subscribers before the pandemic. In 2022 the membership has grown even more. “Our customers like the membership and we’re excited by creating a closer relation to them” says Martin Hugger, CEO of Nightpay.

A Subscription Innovation project

Subscription Innovation projects specialize in developing new subscription offers, not only to improve profitability, but to build strong relationships with your customers and start your journey towards the business model of the future.

If you want to find out whether your business can benefit from a Subscription Innovation process, you can explore our consulting services. We have more than 10 years of experience with developing subscription offers and we have helped both transaction companies and existing subscription companies with innovating new and exciting subscription offers.

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