Park Prime

Subscription Innovation

PARK is Denmark’s largest chain of hairdressers with more than 75 locations around the country and now with hairdressers in Norway and Germany as well.

We innovated a loyalty and membership concept to increase profitability and strengthen the customer relationship.

Park hair products

We helped PARK create a strong loyalty and membership concept

Under the headline ‘Join the Family’ PARK launched PARK PRIME in the end of 2021. A loyalty concept where members for just 33 DKK a month get access to a range of extra services in addition to 20% discount on all products from PARK, in the salons as well as online.

What we did:

  • Development of PARK PRIME membership and loyalty concept
  • Implementation of PARK PRIME in collaboration with the organization – including critical IT infrastructure
  • Training of personnel in the salons
  • Setup of measuring tools and ongoing performance follow-ups


A Subscription Innovation project

Subscription Innovation projects specialize in developing new subscription offers, not only to improve profitability, but to build strong relationships with your customers and start your journey towards the business model of the future.

If you want to find out whether your business can benefit from a Subscription Innovation process, you can explore our consulting services. We have more than 10 years of experience with developing subscription offers and we have helped both transaction companies and existing subscription companies with innovating new and exciting subscription offers.

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