Subscription Infrastructure

Your product is unique and in order to give your subscribers the seamless experience you’ve designed you need all the help you can get from the system and it-infrastructure that supports your subscription business.

Some subscription-products are inherently digital, and some have physical components, some are more focused on building communities and collaborations. Some subscription-businesses are born digital, and some are new business-areas expanding an already existing company.

What we do

Coding is easy. Understanding the business and asking the right questions is hard.

System Demands

Mapping user stories to fit your system demands in regards to experience, onboarding and retention

Customer Data Platform

Creating or optimizing a customer data platform to better analyze subscriber behaviour

Payment Systems

Finding and integrating the correct payment system to manage future growth

Subscription Management

Self-service platforms to let subscribers manage their subscription regarding payments and cancellations

Vendor selection

Request for proposals when new systems are needed for your subscription business

Project Management

Assistance when implementing new components to your subscription tech stack

Subscription Architecture

Building the right setup for you to utilize data in your retention, onboarding and development process

CMS optimization

Optimizing your CMS system to manage your subscription revenue and product management easier

We helped Milestone Systems choose the optimal subscription billing solution

Milestone Systems is changing their business model to ‘Software-as-a-Service’ and in this process, Subscrybe facilitated the selection process of choosing a Subscription Billing solution.




iMac with milestone website
Bo Jørgensen

Bo Jørgensen
Senior Consultant & Head of Infrastructure

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