Subscription Innovation

Matas is the largest retailer of skincare and health products in Denmark. With a subscription innovation process, they developed a unique value offer for their most loyal customers. Here’s how we helped them develop Club Matas Plus.

Matas Striber Produkter

We helped one of Denmark’s largest retailers to start a subscription

With 270 stores, Matas is one of Denmarks leading retailers within beauty and skincare products. They have a strong online presence and until 2018, all of their sales happened in a transactional manner. But then, Matas decided to develop a subscription offer to create stronger relationships with customers and build upon the success of the existing loyalty offer, Club Matas.

What we did:

  • Run an innovation project and develop eight concrete subscription concepts as a prerequisite for decisions
  • Make an implementation plan for the two concepts that Matas wished to implement: Products on subscription and Club Matas Plus
  • Ongoing optimization of Club Matas Plus
  • Create a plan for scaling and further development of Club Matas Plus


Since the start of 2022, Matas has been the leading subscription retailer in Denmark. More than 2000 products have been put on subscription and the subscription concept Club Matas Plus has reached 60,000 paying subscribers and is still growing rapidly.

A Subscription Innovation project

Subscription Innovation projects specialize in developing new subscription offers, not only to improve profitability, but to build strong relationships with your customers and start your journey towards the business model of the future.

If you want to find out whether your business can benefit from a Subscription Innovation process, you can explore our consulting services. We have more than 10 years of experience with developing subscription offers and we have helped both transaction companies and existing subscription companies with innovating new and exciting subscription offers.

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