Subscription Excellence

Wellvita is one of the leading supplement producer in Denmark and distributes its products to most of Northern Europe. Wellvita is an experienced subscription business who wanted to push forward and move from Subscription 1.0 to Subscription 2.0.

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Wellvita Products

We helped Wellvita to increased subscriber satisfaction, retention and intake

Today, Wellvita is subscribing to the services from Subscrybe – the benefits of the program includes everything from better retention to innovation in a strengthened subscription value offer.

What we did:

  • 360 degree business review
  • Subscription Innovation process for a new subscription value offer
  • Retention Excellence process optimising all retention areas, as well as Churn Prevention
  • Identifying the KPIs to optimize in the future


Wellvita has developed from being a Subscription 1.0 company to Subscription 2.0. This through the development of all customer touchpoints and across all of the commercial subscription organization. Also, they’ve experienced massive improvements on the customer lifetime and lifetime value with an offset in improved retention and upselling.

A Subscription Excellence project

Subscription Excellence projects specialize in optimizing existing subscription offers, to improve profitability and serve subscribers even better. Large organizations often operate in complex environments and therefore, need outside assistance to handle this complexity. This is why we have helped some of the largest subscription companies in Scandinavia.

If you’d like to find out whether you can benefit from a Subscription Excellence process, you can explore our consulting services. We have more than 10 years of experience with optimizing subscription businesses and helping large organizations find new revenue streams in the subscription movement.

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